Whatever you’ve already heard about us... it’s probably true. We’re a no nonsense, mom 'n' pop shop. Our clean, gallery like setting is a bit on the unusual side for a framing and print shop, but it’s ideal for keeping your art safe and immaculate. Owner/framer Bob Woodrum has worked in frame shops and galleries since 1989. Initially, it was a way to stay employed while running off to tour with bands - always having a home base to come back to. In 2005, Bob and his wife bought a little fixer in the sweetest Sausalito neighborhood and opened up their own frame shop across town. Ten years and two kids later, Sausalito Picture Framing & Printing continues to thrive and is known for delivering the best looking framing around. Printer/co-owner, Teri Lang is a former documentary filmmaker working long hours and doing everything from getting coffee to producing docs for TV and theatrical release. Single image - instead of the moving image - is Teri’s craft of choice these days and her sidekick is the 44” Epson sitting next to her computer.


310 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA 94965


Monday - Friday  10am-6pm
Saturday  10am-4pm

Bob: bob@sausalitopictureframing.com
Teri: teri@sausalitopictureframing.com